Mathematical and scientific thinking and learning in early childhood

This assessment task focuses on how maths and science concepts and processes can be identified, supported and extended through child-led, play-based learning.


You will be provided with a number of images and/ or scenarios to choose from as starting point – these will focus on an everyday item or occurrence or an example of a child’s question or comment. From here you will consider what math and science learning can take place and develop a series of experiences that will extend the child’s learning.


Part A: 200 words (no marks allocated for this section)

Select and image or scenario from the provided options as the starting point for your planning. Include a brief explanation of the scenario relating to this image or scenario as well as identification of the age group you will focus on.


Part B: 1000 -1200 words (15/50)

Develop a mind map of the maths and science concepts that could evolve from this image or scenario.

You mind map must include

  • 8-10 follow on suggestions (at least 4 maths and 4 science)
  • Clear identification of the maths or science concept – be explicit and specific
  • Clear inclusion of maths and science processes – be explicit and specific
  • Suggestion for experiences that relate to the concepts and process
  • Referencing


Part C: 1500-1800 words (30/50)

Choose three of your suggested topics outlined in your mind maps.

  • One must relate to maths
  • One must relate to science
  • One must include a storybook as a provocation or resource (and include a maths and/or science focus)


Experiences can combine maths and science, but you need to make sure that both maths and science concepts and processes are covered in this section.


For each of the three experiences explain:

  • How it relates to the original idea in your mind map and how you came to that idea/ what was the progression from the original provocation
  • The math and/ or science concepts and processes that will be intentionally included
  • A plan for the experience, including the child’s experience and intentional teaching.
  • Justification of how math and/ or science learning will be supported
  • Connection with theory, research and literature
  • Clear links with the EYLF


Academic writing and referencing – 5/50 marks


Please put a final word count at the end of the assignment



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