financial technologies in banking

Answer the following questions:
1. How would you define ‘digital banking’? (2 marks)
2. What is ‘Fintech’? Why, when, where and how was it developed? (3 marks)
3. What is ‘money laundering’? What can be done to prevent it? (5 marks)
4. Regulation on banking is complex and extensive, how should it be enforced? (5 marks)
5. How will AI affect digital banking? (5 marks)
6. Does ‘more digital’ mean ‘more risk’ or ‘less risk’ in banking? (5 marks)
When in answering the above questions relate to the information presented in the video and also incorporate
the lecture material on the Australian market and regulations. You are also expected to include information
from the lecture delivered by the guest speaker -Mr Lucas Calleja in week #4. Provide examples for each
question. Feel free to use the Australian and international FinTech landscape.
General Rules and Requirements:
This is an individual assignment.
Word limit is 2,500 words.
Font type – Times New Roman
Font size-12
Paragraph spacing – 1.5
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