Case Study


Review the Module 3: Assignment: Case  Study document (in the Handouts area of MyCC) and respond to the  following questions with approximately 1000 words in a document in APA  (latest edition) format:

  1. View the two Motel 6 television ads. What are your thoughts about the television ad?
  2. Access the website, Facebook, and Twitter pages for Motel 6. What  are your thoughts about the information provided and the design of each  site? How well integrated are all these resources? Provide specifics to  support your answer.
  3. Based on the resources you have viewed, describe who you think is  the target market for Motel 6. Describe the target market in terms of  demographics and psychographics.
  4. Describe the strategy Motel 6’s parent, The Blackstone Group,  employs in their international operations. What factors from Chapter 8  in the Kotler (2016) text appear to be the basis for the organization’s  choice of international brands and markets?
  5. What about business travelers? What type of business travelers would use Motel 6? Why?
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