PICO Question

Evidence-based nursing is a process founded on the collection, interpretation, appraisal, and integration of valid, clinically significant, and applicable research. It is not about developing new knowledge or validating existing knowledge, but rather translating existing evidence so that it can be applied to clinical decision making. This process starts with formulating a sound PICO question. PICO is a format for developing a good clinical research question prior to starting a review or research. It is a mnemonic used to describe the four elements of a sound clinical foreground question.


A 17-year-old African American woman, just diagnosed with hepatitis B, has been taking acetaminophen for headaches. Her mother has heard that acetaminophen can cause liver problems, and she asks you if her daughter should continue taking the drug for her headaches, considering her hep-b diagnosis.

Answer the following questions in essay format about the scenario above:

  1. What is evidence-based nursing practice and why is it important?
    1. What is the PICO process?
    2. Formulate a well defined clinical question that will yield the most relevant and best evidence.
    3. Describe the background of the question
    4. Present the question using PICOT format
    5. Indicate what will be the best study to answer the clinical question.
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