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Through the years, I have been searching for resources that could give the student a chance to “feel” what living in Russia would be like.  I am happy to announce that I have collected enough resources to give you a true feeling along with the wonderful and not so pretty aspects of life in Russia now.

The Assignment

Respond to the following topic in Blog 1

Read/view these resources.  YOU MUST REFER TO AT LEAST TWO OF THE RESOURCES LISTED BELOW IN YOUR INITIAL POST. Write a one paragraph (1/2 page) reaction statement to what you learned about how Russians live from these resources.  Be sure to include at least one statement that you are sure that other students would want to respond to.  Please include the links that you are responding to (or quote with parenthetical citation).  Please be sure that your initial reaction includes a statement that encourages conversation.  Remember to submit by Wednesday evening this response so that you can earn the “Stellar” grade for your attempt.  Check back into the blog at least three more times during the week  (different days) to respond to the classmates who have commented on your reaction statement.  Then, visit your classmates postings.  Make a thoughtful response that encourages further conversation from your classmates.  Your responses are not: “How interesting!  Good job!”.  They must include a thoughtful question.  You should be prepared to revisit the conversations that you started a few days later (subscribe to the thread).


  1. A Russian’s Random Observations Small blips of information about various topics about day-to-day life in Russia.
  2. Real Russia with Natasha A Facebook blog by a 20 something Russian single-mom.  She posts often and recently.
  3. Putin Generation 25-35 year old Russians talk about growing up in the Putin era.  Exceptional photography as expected from the National Geographic.
  4. Kommunalka This is a common Soviet-era apartment where many families lived together.  Today, Russians live in their own flats mostly, but some people still live in the kommunalkas in Moscow and St. Petersburg because of the high cost of apartments.
  5. Lessons  from Putin’s Russia for living in Trump’s America: Michael Idov from the New York Magazine, Jan. 17, 2017  A realistic portrait of the elite Muscovites take on cynicism and Russians lack of trust in their system.
  6. American Woman’s POV  An American woman’s blog about life in Russia 2011-2013.  Includes a huge collection of pictures.
  7. Everyday life in Russia What is everyday life like in Russia? What kind of food do people eat in Russia, what kind of work do they tend to do, etc.? Roman Kutuzov, Editor in Business Magazine About Healthcare at Vademecum Magazine (2013-present)   A collection of questions/answers about life in Russia. Some answers come from Russian, some from foreigners living in Russia.
  8. 2017 Photos
  9. Expat in Russia A link to an expat newspaper with practical advise for foreigners living/working in Moscow.
  10. Myths and Truths about Russia

For a participation score, you must respond constructively to at least three other students and respond to any comments made to your initial postings. To earn the highest score, Stellar, you would need to return to this DB 3 days this week.  As expected with the DB responses, your posts to your classmates should have at least one of the following: a thought-provoking question, or have added more information to the discussion with a string to a related source.


Acceptable Length:

1. The Initial post should contain: at least 5 sentences, a thought-provoking statement or question, and two research strings.

2. Responses to other classmates initial post should be at least 3 sentences and include a direct questions, thought provoking comment, or added information with research strings to support your statement.

Grading Criteria

The Blog is graded the same as the DB with this rubric:   How will you grade this? How will you grade this? – Alternative Formats

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