week 5 Assignment

Please read the assignment content everything is stated in the content to follow directions on the assignment. APA style also and reference page whatever the assignment content that the instructions I shouldn’t have to say the assignment doesn’t have everything it needs if you have read and understood the assignment.

EL Program Eligibility Presentation [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Scenario: You are a team of elementary EL teachers at a campus that receives Title III funds. You have been asked by the principal to present to families and staff about the process for determining EL eligibility and for other services.

    Create a 8- to 10-slide presentation that addresses the following:  Speaker notes and related visuals are required.

    • The procedures for identifying EL students
    • The assessment and reassessment standards or procedures once the student is identified as an EL student
    • The consent options available for families
    • The options available for teachers to refer EL students This is the same process that would be used for any student who is not achieving.
    • Tips for schools to ensure that ELs can participate in gifted and talented education programs, or other specialized education programs
    • Refer to the English Learner Took Kit as a resource.
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