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Gather statistical data about any foreign country, like population sex, age, religion, income, industry, or other demographic data of your choice. (You may even make up this data if you like including the “country” because it is only to be used as source for this exercise; therefore, DO NOT spend too much time in this task as it is not really critical for this project!).


  1. PowerPoint (A):
    1. Create a PowerPoint presentation with 4 blank slides and save it as PresentationProject.pptx
    2. Slide 1, this is your Title slide. Here you must simply write the name you want to give to your project.
    3. Slide 2, here you are going to create a bulleted list to show “only” three mayor points regarding the country you chose that may be of interest to potential visitors.
  2. Excel:
    1. Create an Excel workbook with only two worksheets, name the first Worksheet Summary and the second Chart, then save the workbook as ExcelProject.xlsx
    2. Select Summary worksheet and create a basic table to show the data you are using for your project.
    3. Select Chart worksheet and using data from the table created in worksheet Summary, create a chart (Pie or Columnar) to show a graphical representation of the data you are working with.
  3. Word:
    1. Create a blank Word document and save it as WordProject.docx
    2. Here you need to select the table from the Excel Worksheet created to complete step 2-b and Link it into the Word document. (All I need to see in the Word document is the table linked to the Excel workbook, please DO NOT write anything else) (select the table, copy and then Paste Special into the document if you are using version 2007 or 2010 and if you are using versions 2013, 2016, 365 or any of the new ones select ‘Link & keep source formatting’ option from the Paste Options of the Paste control/Clipboard Group/Home Tab). This way you will see that each time you make any change or update the table in Excel the table in Word also will change/update automatically. Play with this a little, it is neat!Link & Embed, Paste Special
  4. PowerPoint (B):
    1. Slide 3, here you need to embed the Excel Chart created to complete step 2-c.(select the chart, copy and then paste it into the slide).
  5. Access:
    1. Create a database containing only one table and that table must contain only four Fields. Save this database as DatabaseProject.accdb. The first field must be the Primary Key (you can use AutoNumber, that is the easier and actually the default data type for a Primary Key unless you need to change it manually because your database design requires that). After you build your table, insert data to be able to generate only five records. Keep this database very simple, “BASIC” just to show that you understand the foundations about creating a database.
  6. PowerPoint (C):
    1. Slide 4, open the Access table from step 5 and in Datasheet View select and copy the three first records of the database and paste them as a table into slide 4. (NO a screen shot, NO a picture).

By the end of the project you need to have:

  • A PowerPoint Presentation with 4 slides.
  • An Excel workbook with 2 worksheets.
  • A Word document.
  • An Access database.

As you already may have noticed, this is a very simple exercise with very basic components. The learning goal of this project is not based in the complexity of the activity, the main goal is to introduce you to a real industry like online team collaboration scenario just like any you might have in the real industry setting.

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