1. For this discussion topic, you will need to research methods of dealing with add in hardware devices and how they work with virtualization.  Add in hardware would be items outside of the standard server configuration and might include things like USB license keys, barcode scanners, specialty video cards etc.  As part of the discussion you will want to identify the type of hardware you found and some recommended solutions for making it work with a virtual server.

2. For this assignment, you need to investigate what options the hypervisor you recommended in your type 1 hypervisor compare assignment have to provide highly available services.  How do these items tie into what you read about in the chapter and which ones would you recommend implementing?  While you investigate the process of making your virtual machines highly available, what else did you run across that could have an impact on the availability of your machines and services that is outside of the control of your hypervisor?  Write up a summary of the features of the hypervisor you choose, a brief section on the non-hypervisor factors and your recommendations for which features are most important to implement to ensure the best availability of your virtual machines. (which i used Oracle Virtualbox)

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