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Q4 ) In Wikipedia, IT governance is a part of corporate governance  (  In a page or less, what is IT governance and why is it important to the IT manager? Make sure you describe who has precedence, the company or the company’s IT function.

Q5 ) In a page or so, write a job description for an IT manager that incorporates at least one area of IT governance that you covered in Question 4 above. has an example template [1]. The template can be edited to use the terms, definitions, principles, methodology, etc. of our readings, e.g., risk management, IT value delivery, IT strategic alignment, etc.

Q6 ) In Wikipedia (, Information Technology Management is defined as “… the discipline whereby all of the technology resources of a firm are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities.” [2] I suggest this is an excellent definition and also allows a broad spectrum of ways to achieve the course objectives listed in the syllabus.  In a page or so, please take a deeper dive into this from A1 and comment on this definition, and clearly state whether you agree with it or do not agree with it and why. Use our course material in your commentary.

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