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Your own definitions and analysis are valued. Drawing on text citations is okay but not without your own original contribution.

Use standard English, use citations, and remember to proof read and run a spell check.

1. Define patent, trade secret, and trademark. Present two examples of patents and trademarks. In your opinion, when should a business use a trademark, when should it use a patent.

2. You develop a unique procedure that will revolutionize the delivery of a particular medicine. You develop this process after-working hours in your employer’s laboratory. You seek to patent your system under your own name so you can sell the patent back to your company at a large profit plus residuals. The employer says, wait a moment, you were on my turf during the developing stages and the company is therefore entitled to the patent right. Briefly discuss both sides in this dispute, the individual inventor’s and the corporation’s.

3. Briefly define and discuss two federal laws which have as their purpose the protection of business investors. Begin by defining what a business investor is.

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