Ethical Dilemma Decision Making

We make decisions every day of our lives.  It seems they should get easier as we walk through life yet each decision brings variables; we do our due diligence but it still can be a challenge to decide if we should choose this option or that option.

When the decision involves an ethical dilemma, we are forced into making a decision where there are two choices but, in choosing one, it could cause harm for the option not chosen.

This is an example of an ethical dilemma.  My friend Sophie was unable to get pregnant so she and her husband went through in vitro-fertilization (IVF).  (This was her first ethical decision.)  Sophie found she was pregnant with a baby girl they named Elsa.  During her pregnancy, Sophie contracted a severe infection.  She and her husband now faced their second ethical dilemma as they were told that to survive the infection, she has to terminate her pregnancy.

Reflect on how you make decisions.  Describe the people who have impacted your sense of what is right and what is wrong.  Describe a situation (s) that have influenced what you see as right and wrong.

no more than 2 pages(It is only the part 1)

APA                                                                                            References (if you have used a written or verbal resource)

include a title page with your full name and ID number, references.

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