ceremonial Speech

The primary purpose for our ceremonial speaking is to either inspire or to advocate. Speeches that inspire include commencement addresses, keynote speeches, and Ted talks. Speeches that advocate include protest speeches, campaign speeches, and fundraising/marketing speeches.

For this assignment, you will choose a ceremonial speech that either, inspires or advocates. The speech must have clear social impact (social, community, and/or cultural relevance). You should either advocate for your audience to do something that will help them better engage in their community, or inspire them make a positive difference, and help them develop a clearer understanding of the diverse cultures that comprise their community.


Your topic should have social impact and be informative and challenging to the audience.
The speech should be 2-3 minutes.

A speech that shows mastery (70%) will have:

  1. An introduction with a vivid attention grabber
  2. A logical end to the speech with a vivid clincher
  3. A definite, logical connective bridging each component of the speech
  4. A logical transition from the intro to the body (ex: “And I’m going to tell you why”)
  5. Three main points
  6. Use organizers (signposts, acronyms, slogans), emphasis cues, and analogies.
  7. Natural and conversational delivery
  8. Extemporaneous mode using notecards
  9. Effective vocal and physical delivery skills
  10. Good recording

An exemplary speech will also include:

  1. Effective use of visual aid to enhance to speech
  2. Passionate delivery
  3. Effective use of pathos (using emotion to persuade/inspire)
  4. Vivid wording and imagery
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