Discussion on Placement (Channels, Distribution, & Supply Chain)

Discuss the placement strategy which you plan to recommend for your Export Market Strategy Report. Be sure to remind the class what product or service you are looking to export.

  1.  Product and country
  2. Who are the end-users?  Where do they buy the product? How does the product get from your US-based facility to the end-user? Who holds and is responsible for the product in each step of the supply chain.
  3. What logistics or supply chain issues are there with exporting the product or service which you are examining?
  4. What market entry method will you use for each segment in the target country?
    • Include agreement terms with other companies e.g., agents, distributors

Are there any EU approvals for your client and how they can get these approvals?

Do you package the insulin in zip closing bags in the US?  Are a number of these bags put in a shipping box?

Does the US require an export license for insulin? Be sure to refer to Chap 6-8, 13 in your textbook Albaum, G. (2011). International marketing and export management (7th ed). Prentice-Hall

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