the correlation between proper nutritional education and weight management

Develop a 3- to 5-page literature review on your topic. Ideally, you will create an annotated bibliography before beginning the writing process. The literature review serves as a rationale for your health promotion program project. It will need to convey the greater health concern link raised by your project and include national data when possible. In addition, please highlight what, if any, programming has been done in the past. You should also mention if there is little or no research on your topic area.  In this case, you would need to establish the rationale in order to highlight the research that shows premature infants are more likely to become obese. You need the reader to understand why your topic is important and that your approach will work. The literature review should conclude with a concise statement of purpose. Make sure the majority of your statements are supported by research; this shows the audience that you have thoroughly investigated the problem and potential solutions and are basing this on research and not your opinions or feelings.

Minimum requirement to submit: 3-5 pages of APA formatted material.  Grading Rubric Attached.

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