Opioid crisis NYC and Any Town

Opioid crisis NYC and Any Town research 4 pages double space due 9/24

To understand the opioid crisis in Anytown, let’s examine the opioid crisis in another town.

In your analysis:

1. describe the opioid crisis in NYC.

2. Which specific populations are vulnerable to the crisis?

3. how and why has the crisis impacted them?

4. Describe the research studies available on the opioid crisis in NYC chose: types, design, strengths, and weaknesses?

5. What information can you apply to Anytown and why?

6. How can another city provide guidance?

The analysis should be 4 pages, excluding title and references pages. Use current APA formatting to style your paper and to cite your sources. Integrate a minimum of three scholarly sources into the paragraphs of your paper. Use internal citations pointing to evidence in the literature and supporting your ideas. You will need to include a reference page.

Use APA 7th edition and at least four reference

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