model management science

Complete/submit the write-up (1 page maximum) of our 1st case, “What’s Happening?” (50 points).  The write up should be in your own voice and free of both grammatical and spelling errors.  It must include very direct answers to the following questions:

–What is the root cause of the problem Michael is facing?

–What is the appropriate solution to the problem?

–Once the problem is solved, what types of forecasting approaches might Michael use and (most importantly) how should he decide which one to ultimately employ?

Please note that none of these questions require your opinion, per se.  Rather, each is a matter of objective fact many of which have already been (or will soon be) covered in our online discussions.  Please also note that you can answer each of them with just a sentence or two.  Further, you need not include any other ideas or answers in your write up.

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