Long term residential Care

Select one of the criterion for an ideal long term care systems and discuss the impact of the criterion on patient care and well-being. Discuss the entire criterion using in text citations throughout. Remember another scholarly resource.




  • The initial discussion post must be at least 250-350 words of content, referencing the reading of the week, and including at least one scholarly source.
  • All initial posts need a reference. Your initial post should never be all opinion.  You need to refer to the reading and required resources and prove your information with valid data.

Bullet points that may help you create a post that will ensure a great grade:

1.  DO NOT copy information from any source even if you’re giving credit to the source.  You can use one quote in a post.  More than that will drop your grade.

2.  DO USE intext citations.  These are necessary to the post.  For each area that you discuss and each idea you present you MUST add the author and date in parenthesis, to your post.

3.  AVOID using outdated references.  References that are more than 5 years old are not appropriate in most cases.  Avoid it.  Healthcare is rapidly changing.  References that are 20 years old are most likely inappropriate.  Don’t chance it.

When writing a post please understand the use of paraphrasing.  Paraphrasing is not just taking a sentence and changing a word or two.  “See the car at the end of the street” is the original text.  “See the auto at the end of the block” IS NOT paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing occurs when you review material and then discuss it all in your own words.  As an example I do write a long post each week.  I rarely if ever use even a quote.  I supply my references which are available for you to view.  You can see how the information is presented along with the intext citations.

Also remember, when using any words from the etext such as “reimbursement driven” this requires that you provide quotation marks and a specific in text citation using the page number that shows where it was obtained.  It is much better to find your own words because to achieve the highest grade, no quotations should be used.

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