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Considering the depressing symptoms of your clients such as avoiding social contacts, missing classes etc, I believe Supportive Psychotherapy may also be a beneficial treatment option for the client. According to Wheeler (2014). Supportive Psychotherapy aims at strengthening defenses, promoting problem solving skills,restoring adaptive functioning .and providing symptom relief. This approach encompass developmental assessment from past experiences (the painful death of grandmother for instance ) which has affected the client’s present functioning and progress essentially towards maladaptive behavior improvement.

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According to Zelviene & Kazlaus (2018). There is little evidence about the effectiveness of Psychosocial treatment options for Adjustment Disorder due to its nature of maladaptiveness to stress response reaction. However these authors believe that adjustment disorder could be successfully treated with psychosocial interventions.


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Zelviene,P.&Kazlauskas (2018).Adjustment disorder:Current perspective.Neuropsychiatric Disease Treatment,2018 (14),375-381


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