This written assignment will demonstrate the student’s ability to apply the theory of datamining to the manufacturing industries.

The fields of data science and mining are applicable to nearly all industries. This is especially the case with the manufacturing field. In this area, the different areas of the manufacturing process provide ample areas to collect the data. Within each step of the manufacturing process, there are also more opportunities to collect data. This provides a mountain of the data to review, clean, and analyze.


Please pick a manufacturing industry (e.g. auto, steel, or book making) and apply data mining to an individual step in the process. Please also address decision tree classifiers as part of the research paper.


There are two portions for this part of the residency. You will create a research paper and presentation.

Provide a 1,000 word or 4 pages double spaced research paper.

Use proper APA formatting. Do not plagiarize. Cite other people’s work; they have put much effort into getting their work published and deserve to be recognized.

Demonstrate your understanding of how this would be applied to your choice of industry and step, along with the presentation.

Also, prepare a presentation based on your research paper.

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