assignment #7

Write a one page paper that includes answers to the questions below about the Paylessi Experiment. Along with your thoughts, include information from Chapter 7.

Assignment Questions: After watching the video and reviewing Palessi news, provide your comments and thoughts on the following questions:

  • What did you “takeaway” about sales, re-branding and quality perception from the Payless ShoeSource experiment?
  • Meaning what are your thoughts on consumer behavior?
  • Does branding pertain more to how a product is made or the service attached to it or the Sales, Advertising and related marketing campaign efforts?
  • Or, does branding have a more well-rounded holistic approach?

Formatting Requirements (worth 10% of the grade):

During December of 2018 Payless ShoeSource held a fake advertising campaign by inviting influencers in high fashion to attend the grand opening of “Palessi” – a high end shoe store selling shoes for $200-$650 (shoes from Payless ShoeSource [PSS] shoes that originally sell for $19-$39). Palessi’s grand opening was held in Santa Monica, CA and PSS invited influencers (and paid them a stipend) to attend a grand opening which included a red carpet, champagne toasts, a Palessi Instagram account, a website and more. Review the video and news article.

>YouTube_Palessi (Links to an external site.)

Link (Links to an external site.)

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