Central Nervous System Power point 

PowerPoint Guidelines

Six Rules for PowerPoint Presentations:

1. Unity

2. Simplicity

3. Legibility

4. Consistency 5. Clarity

6. Quality

Presentation Outline

• Start presentations with a title slide and place a short title on every slide.

• Second slide is an outline slide of what you will cover.

• Next to last slide is a summation slide of major points.

• Last slide is contact information.

Slide Design

• Use one main idea per slide:

o Maximum of 5 bullets.

o Maximum of 6-8 words per bullet.

• Use same font throughout, or a maximum of two font types.

• Use large font size: 36 point, no less than 24 point.

• Avoid over-use of animation – these can be distracting.

• Graphics should “garnish” the slide, not become the focal point.

o Exceptions would be charts and graphs.

• Don Not use all caps.

• Use underline and italics sparingly.

• Separate text from the background with strong contrast

• Size your presentation for the largest audience. If everyone in a room of 500 can read all the information, people in a room for 25 will have no problem.

• Backgrounds and color schemes should complement the content, not detract.

• Projected material will always be lighter than what you see on a computer

monitor. Saturate backgrounds darker to compensate for this.

• Use common fonts, such as Arial and Times New Roman. If you must use a special font, embed it into your presentation.

• Better to have more slides with less content (fewer bullets and fewer words) than fewer slides with crowded content.

Preparing for Your Presentation

• Put entire presentation on a Jump Drive/Thumb Drive/Flash Memory even if you also have it on your laptop, PDA, etc. You may need to change to another device to give your presentation.

• If you use sound or video, make sure the files stay with the presentation, especially if you copy the material to another device.

• When printing handouts, change the color/grayscale option to “Pure black and white. “ Avoid printing dark backgrounds on handouts as the text will be hard to read.

• PowerPoint is a visual aid to share key points. Never read a PPT slide to your audience.

• Know your content, relax and engage your audience.

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