Wit Movie

Instructions: After viewing the Film “Wit,” write a 2-4 page (not including title page) paper about the film, with brief discussion considering the following areas.

Due date: start of class on 9/18/20

Grading Criteria:

1. What were the patient’s reactions to her diagnosis and treatment? How aware was she of possible impending death? How did she react to her situation? 20%

2. Discuss various issues or problems in the health care delivery system as presented in the film. How could they be improved? 20%

3. Considering her need for care in a facility: Where do you think the focus should be to deliver the best kind of care to the patient? 1) On the hospital policies? 2) On the attitudes and interaction style of the health care personnel working with the patient? Both? Why? 20%

4. From the patient’s experience in the film, what do you think is/are the most important issue(s) she faced around the illness and dying situation? Why? What do you think she needed? What would you want to provide for her as a caregiver? 15%

5.What were your reactions to the film? How does the film relate to your own personal experience? 20%

6. Spelling, grammar, APA format 5%

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