The point of the nursing process is to impose easy to follow steps and critical thinking on the provision of excellent care. This is more of a process then something linear, because everything is situational. Its more of a guidance, so the nurses are organized and can use these steps to get to their goal (Black ,2017.)

Phase 1: Assessment. This is the phase where information about the patients family or community is gathered, such as physiologic, spiritual, environmental, or sociocultural information. There are subjective and objective data that nurses must obtain from patients. Subjective data is when a patient is describing their perceptions, needs, feelings of the problem. Objective data is data collected through examination (Black, 2017.)

Phase 2: Analysis. This is the data-gathering phase which nurses group data to identify the problem. It Is necessary to follow the PES system so that there is a correct diagnosis. This system is split into 3 parts, which is problem, etiology, and symptoms. The nurse can use this data to come up with a diagnosis (Black, 2017.)

Phase 3: Planning. The nurse must identify the patients goals and determine what will reach those goals. Both the patient and the nurse use goals to evaluate the patient’s progress and how far they came from the start (Black, 2017.)  This will also make the patient confident as well when they are near their goal.

Phase 4: Implementation of Planned Interventions. This occurs when nursing orders are carried out. Interventions are included in this phase, such as educating patients and pain management. This step is very important, since you’re developing a blueprint on how to get closer to your goal by holistic help, which is common in the nursing field (Black, 2017.)

Phase 5: Evaluation. This phase is when the problem is solved, and ultimately, to lay out the goal. The patients progress is monitored by the nurse, to see how far they got and if they achieved their goal. The nurse plans out how to get closer to the overall goal, if some things are not met yet (Black, 2017.)

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