For this assignment, you will identify a decision you recently made that has had important consequences for you and other stakeholders. These decisions may include which college to attend, which major to select, whether to take a part-time or full-time job, which part-time job or full-time job to take, or what career to pursue. Use the six (6) steps in the decision-making process as shown in the table below to analyze how you made the decision(s).

  • Step 1 Recognize the need for a decision.
  • Step 2 Generate alternatives.
  • Step 3 Assess alternatives.
  • Step 4 Choose among alternatives.
  • Step 5 Implement the chosen alternative.
  • Step 6 Learn from feedback.

Identify the criteria you used, either consciously or unconsciously, to guide your decision making. What was the primary factor driving this decision?

List the alternatives you considered. Were they all viable alternatives? Did you consciously or unconsciously ignore some important alternatives?

How much information/data did you have about each alternative? Were you making the decision on the basis of complete or incomplete information/data?

What data-analysis process did you use to assess the alternatives?

In retrospect, do you feel as if you missed including important data? Did that negatively impact the final decision?

What, if anything, might you do to improve your ability to make good decisions in the future?

Journals should be 400-500 words (or more if needed).  Your response should be written in APA format. Include an introduction (describe the decision), at least five (5) supporting paragraphs (one paragraph for each question), and a conclusion. In your conclusion, reflect on what you have learned about the decision-making process and making this decision.

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