Informative Speech Outline and Self Appraisal

Informative Speech Evaluation Checklist

Informative Speech Self-Evaluation Form

Students, please note that this is the criteria the instructor uses to grade your informative speech. Importantly, these are the categories you use to write the 1-3 page self-appraisal of your speech preparation process – you address each category in your paper (12 point font; double spaced; Times New Roman font)

Speech Evaluation Guide: Did the student fulfill the following criteria — categories and strategies listed where appropriate on the typed outline and attempted in the speech, and if so, was it effective?

1) ________ Name, Topic, and Purpose listed on the outline; type of informative speech listed on the outline; and reference list provided

2) ________ Introduction: Is the intro adequately developed with the attention getter, listener relevance cues, speaker credibility statement, statements to set the context, thesis statement & preview statement?

3) ________ Conclusion: Is the conclusion adequately developed with the restatement of the thesis, summary, & closing phrase? Do the thoughts in the conclusion tie back to the thoughts in the intro?

4) ________ Thesis: Is this a clear, coherent, and complete sentence that contains the key words for the thesis and major points and aligns in parallel in structure with the major points?

5) ________ Method of Organization: Is this listed on the outline after the word “Body” (for example: Body – Topical Method) and used effectively in the speech? Was one of the informative speech methods used during the speech (topical, chronological, spatial, cause-effect)? Did the wording of the method of organization cohere with the wording in the thesis and major points (for example, if chronological, does the wording reflect a sense of time and/or sequence)?

6) ________ Major Points: Are the major points listed and parallel in structure to each other and to the thesis? Are the major points spoken clearly and effectively in the speech?

7) ________ Minor Points: Are the types of support strategies and kinds of support materials listed on the outline? Are the types of support strategies and kinds of support materials used effectively in the speech? For example: minor point A. = Definitions, with examples and explanations and B. = Comparisons and Contrasts. Are the definitions clear? Are the comparisons and contrasts crisp? Overall: Are the supporting materials developed?

8) ________ Delivery: Is this speech delivered extemporaneously? Were there hand-gestures and eye contact? Were vocal qualities such as pitch, rate, and tone good?  Was there a sense of interaction with the audience? If presentation aids were used, did they enhance the speech? Did you use notes? Did you properly fill out your outline? What blunders did you have during your speech?

9) ________ Overall presentation developed into a coherent oral presentation, including transitions, language, and style. Did the speech adhere to the 5-7 minute requirement? What would you have done differently and/or what will you try to improve upon for the next speech?

10) ________ Self-Appraisal: Write a 1-3 page paper about your speech preparation process (double spaced, 12 point font). Use the categories of this form as well as other information to write your paper

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