Structured Interview

Structured Interview

The student will locate a pastoral counselor professional actively involved in counseling divorced and remarried couples and blended families in the student’s local area. The student will prepare at least 10 questions, interview the professional and summarize his/her findings. The student will write a 6-8-page summary (not including Title Page and References) in current APA style documenting the interview and***** including***** a copy of all the questions that were asked.**********

6 pages summary

The 6 pages not including the title and References


Copy of all the question asked

Textbook Readings  for the week can be used for References

o  Dobson: Love Must Be Tough, ch. 10–13

o  Papernow: Helping Children Survive Divorce, ch. 1–2

o  Deal: The Smart Stepfamily, ch. 1–4

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