AS Description: It is important to be able to be aware of and distinguish among the types of profiling, the methods of police interrogations and the role of the psychologist in treating police officers with mental health concerns. The following questions will address the psychological concerns to promote a safe working environment for police officers.

AS Instructions: Respond to the following 3 questions with a minimum word count of 300 for each question. Copy and paste the question and then create your response. Be thorough with each question and use factual connections with your responses. Create your response in a word document and include APA reference citations at the end of your response.

1. Choose two commonly used psychological tests or inventories used in any law enforcement position. Describe the instrument, including what the test measures and what we know about its validity.

2. Discuss two factors that may contribute to the lack of women in law enforcement.

3. Select any 2 police psychology organizations and fully explain the organization and include the hyperlink.

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