Racism as a social determinant of health

Racial disparities in incidence rates and health outcomes of Covid-19 as well as the unequal policing of Black and White folks are both prompting a long overdue reckoning in Public Health. While experts have for many years now singled out health disparities and health inequity as issues that needed to be addressed, recent events have thrown an even stronger spotlight on the fundamental impact of racism on public health. Listen to the two podcasts linked in this week’s folder and write a reflection paper in which you process your own understanding of each interviewee’s explanation of the impact of racism on community health.

Dr. Georges Benjamin, President of the APHA, discusses racism as one of the multiple social determinants of health. Dr. Malo Hutson, professor of Urban Planning and Director of Columbia’s Urban Community and Health Equity Lab, discusses the built environment as a social determinant of health. Think about how what each interviewee says connects to what we’ve covered in this week’s materials. Also think about what each interviewee says that adds to what we’ve covered. You do need to listen to both podcasts and incorporate material from both into your reflection, but you may choose to focus your discussion on the podcast that interests you the most.

Your reflection should be 1 ½ to 2 pages, typed and double-spaced.

You do not need to provide citations for the podcasts; within your paper, just refer to them by the name of the interviewees: Dr. Georges Benjamin, and Dr. Malo Hutson.

If you need to cite any sources other than the two podcasts remember to use APA formatting for in-text citations.

Quick review of APA in-text citation format:

For books:

(Authors, year of publication)

For websites:

(Author—if known—or Organization, date of publication—or date website was last updated)

Please see the links for the pod casts



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