Prop Box

TITLE: Prop Boxes

Prop Boxes were designed as tools for the teachers to develop the language and literacy of their children. Each prop box is based on a common theme used in early childhood classrooms and contains books, concrete objects related to the theme, and lesson plans (with theme related book reading suggestions, circle time ideas,  and child centered center activities and explorations). The concrete objects were chosen to represent vocabulary in the theme that is frequently used and may be unknown to the children. In addition to being provided with the materials in the prop boxes, the teachers are also trained in how to use them as tools to further language and literacy development in their children.

The Assignment

A box of props will be collected based on a topic that would be applicable for preschool age children. A variety of props will be gathered which go along with that topic. All props should be realistic, safe, and age-appropriate. You must include props for the following areas of learning: Dramatic Play, Outdoor Play, and Blocks that incorporate the selected topic.

Grading Criteria: 

The student will:

– Name the study topic for the prop box The same topic will be used for each area.- 20 points

– Provide a list of items relevant to the topic. The items can include books, manipulatives, games, toys, real life articles, and items from nature. If you copy and paste pictures be sure to label each object.- 25 points

– Label the items for the appropriate area of learning (Dramatic Play, Outdoor Play, or Blocks) – 20 points

– Select the Domain, Sub domain, Developmental Goal(s) and Indicator(s) from NC Foundations: Early Learning Standards  EX: Domain Approaches to Play and Learning.  Sub domain Curiosity, Information-Seeking, and Eagerness Goal APL-1: Children show curiosity and express interest in the world around them.  EX: Indicator: Discover things that interest and amaze them, and seek to share them with others. APL-1j- 25 points

– Spelling and Grammar – 10 points


NC Foundations: Early Learning Standards

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