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Find something you don’t recognize. I recommend going to an antique store, as there will be lots of objects you don’t recognize. When you find an object you don’t recognize  study it and employ the scientific method mentioned in your book by answering the following questions below and then post your answers below.


Using the Scientific Method to determine what the item in front of you is:

  1. Observe

What do you notice about the object in front of you?

What does it look like?

What do you think it is used for?

Take note of its: Color, texture, density, movements, etc.

  1. Hypothesize

What do you hypothesize this item is used for? and why do you hypothesize that?

  1. Test

How would you test your hypothesis if you could? If you can test your hypothesis, then test it.

  1. Conclusions

What results would your test need to give to confirm or deny your hypothesis? If you were able to test it, what results did you get?

  1. Evaluate

What do you think of your results? Would you have done your experiment differently? Did you taint your results in anyway with your prejudices or biases? (Only applicable if you were to test your hypotheses)

(Applicable to both those who were able to do their experiment and to those who were not) Can your test be repeated by someone else to get the same results?

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