Online Research Discussion

The purpose of this activity is to experience “hands-on” research of current social networking and e-fundraising. Report your findings by posting a 200-300 word discussion. The report should provide new ideas for online effectiveness, a possible critique of the site, and suggest ways you might use the information in your organization.

Find one networked nonprofit organization (not your own) online and browse their site. Only a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization will qualify for this assignment. Be sure to identify the organization and website address.

From your exploration, discuss the ways that the organization, their leaders and staff seem to value people with their online presence. Go beyond a focus on the mission of the organization, which usually shows a value for people, such as helping the poor. For this assignment, focus instead on the ways the organization values their staff, customers/clients, community, competitors by the way they have developed their online presence. For example:

  • Is their site easily accessed?
  • Do they have a way to reply quickly to questions, criticisms, or other posts?
  • Do they invite feedback from people?
  • Do they thank their customers/donors?
  • Does their site invite 2-way communication?
  • Do they honor people such as volunteer/staff commendations online?

Use the information learned from your class readings to support your report. Be sure to identify the organization and website address. How has this study informed your thinking? How could it be applied to other organizations? To your leadership? Please feel free to add other helpful information to your report.

Open the discussion and select Create Thread to post your 200-300 word report to the class discussion.
Due by Day Five (5)

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