childhood disorder

For your Course Project, you are required to prepare an Annotated Bibliography on a topic approved by the Instructor. The Annotated Bibliography should contain a minimum of 20 references. The Annotated Bibliography should focus on a major childhood disorder. At least 10 of the references should relate to treatment or treatment issues of your selected disorder.

My childhood disorder for this project is Autism.

Childhood disorders are common in today’s society, but children are sometimes misdiagnosed due to a lack treatment. Autism spectrum disorder is a major mental disorder that disable children growth mentally, physically, and emotionally There are about 1 in 54 children who has be recognized with autism spectrum disorder (CDC, 2020). Autism is a mental disorder that progresses throughout the childhood and can categorize as mild, moderate, or severe. A child with autism tends to have a difficult time with simple human activities. For this upcoming project Autism is a mental disorder that should be heavily researched due to personal circumstances. As a current teacher it is common to teach students who may have autism, however some children are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed for any treatment. Autism spectrum disorder is a major mental disorder that can sometimes be overlooked

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