Hank, a 12-year-old White male, was referred for “acting-out” behaviors. His parents and teachers describe him as being “out of control.” Chief complaints include aggressiveness towards others (e.g., hitting, kicking, fighting), physical destructiveness, disobedience to adult authorities, temper tantrums, annoying behaviors (e.g., yelling, whining, high activity level, threatening others), and, to a lesser extent, community rule violations, including stealing and occasionally fire setting. In addition, he rarely turns in assignments at school, and he received all F’s on his last report card. His parents have also expressed concern about the friends with whom he is now hanging out. While they have no evidence to support their contentions, they believe he is smoking and drinking.

Assignment (1–2 pages)

For this Assignment, consider your suggestions for treating Hank. Write a 1- to 2-page summary of the case study. Your analysis should:

  • Determine whether Hank meets criteria for any of the disruptive behavior disorders
  • Explain your rationale for your decision
  • Explain whether a diagnosis of a disruptive behavior disorder would benefit Hank in the development of a treatment plan and how
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