Pharmacy Technician

Part 2

Read the case studies below, and then respond to the questions that follow.

Jackie is a pharmacy technician. She receives a faxed prescription for a Schedule II drug for a patient in a long-term care facility. She questions her supervisor about the prescription. Robert, her supervisor, asks, “Do you think our state allows us to fill a faxed prescription for Schedule II drugs?” John, another pharmacy staff member, overhears this and says, “Yes, we are okay. DEA regulations permit faxed prescriptions of Schedule II drugs for patients in long-term care facilities.” “Maybe so,” Robert says, “but I still want to know her response, because I don’t know what state law says.” John replies, “It doesn’t matter. The DEA is a federal agency. Federal law overrides state law. Go ahead and fill it, Jackie. You will be all right.” Robert disagrees, saying, “I don’t think we can make that assumption.”

  • Question 1: Without knowing anything else about this case, who do you think is correct? Why?
  • Question 2: What agency would regulate Schedule II prescriptions in their state?

    A pharmacy technician practicing in the state of Oregon, which requires both active certification and licensure, remembers to recertify herself but ignores the requirement to renew her license on time. After two months, the state board of pharmacy contacts her about her expired license.

  • Question 3: What will this pharmacy technician have to do to become relicensed?
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