25410 Interview assignment

Congratulations! You applied for a position with Fancy Financial Analysts and you made the first cut!  You have just received the following email from them:

Dear student

We are interested in progressing your application to the next level and we invite you to respond to an interview question via video. Please answer the following question by recording a video and then uploading the video.  Save the video using the following naming:   studentnumber_Lastname_Firstname.mp4  For example:  12345678_Jones_Davy.mp4

Please use the last digit of your student number to pick the correct industry to analyse and answer the following question.

Ending digit Industry to analyse
0 Banking
1 Mining
2 Retail
3 Health insurance providers
4 Australian airlines
5 Pharmaceutical research
6 Commercial real estate
7 Insurance
8 Residential real estate
9 Casino and gaming


The COVID-19 virus is likely going to have many long-lasting effects on businesses. If you were hired and were assigned to the XX industry, how would you adjust analysis of that industry from pre-COVID-19 analysis to what you know now about the industry? Please include specific effects that you think will be experienced by the industry and how you would adjust analysis to take this into account.

You have a maximum of 4 minutes to answer the question.

Please note that you will be graded based on the level of preparation, the quality of the content, presentation style and your ability to communicate clearly and address the topic.

Best regards

HR Department

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