Rituals Assignment

Objective: To consider the ritual elements in the community and/or family setting. 


Your goal is to choose a ritual that you participate in your  community (the community can be your family or your broader community –  not something that you do by yourself) that illustrates the elements  typically found in rituals. Again, you will have to become familiar with  the elements of rituals as explained in the module and specifically  identify them as you write about the ritual. Be careful that you do not  write about a habit. Be sure to also explain the significance of this  ritual in yours or your family’s life.

Writing Directions:

  • Your paper should be organized and written according to academic standards.
  • Your paper should be approximately one to two pages in length, typed, double-spaced.
  • Your paper needs to be formatted according to MLA style.  Some of this includes using a 12pt. font and setting 1” margins all the  way around. There are many good online resources for formatting papers according to MLA (see module for the some good writing resources).
  • Be sure to submit the paper before the deadline (see syllabus policy). 
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