Paper on Big Data and Internet of Things

how Big Data is used in manufacturing and

  • Explain how the Internet of Things (IoT) uses Big Data technology
  • 0% plagiarism and APA format
  • 4 page document not included references
Use the below information to prepare the documents:
76 percent of early-movers in manufacturing says IoT is increasing insight into customer preferences and behaviors.
  • 66 percent of early-movers uses IoT to measure risks, protect company assets and improve staff safety.
  • 61 percent of early-movers are improving the reliability or performance of products and services with IoT.
  • 66 percent of early-movers say IoT is now critical to competitive advantage.”
  • And
  • “Manufacturing history is a study in evolution, as industry has quickly adopted and adapted to new technologies, from power generation and electrification to automation and the digital age. That’s why the way that cars and other products are manufactured today looks very different than it did when Eli Whitney first developed a simple production line based on interchangeable parts used in the manufacturing of muskets.In every facet of manufacturing, investment and speculation abound as companies explore the possibilities of IoT and analytics and become more insight-driven. The possibilities for applying analytics and the IoT to manufacturing may seem limitless, but one thing is crystal clear—technology-driven manufacturing innovations are evolving rapidly, which makes analytics and IoT a trend to watch.”
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