Memo Assignment

Directions:  Use the information included in Chapter 6 to write a memo as a manager of a popular specialty store of your choice that has never had a formal dress code. Announce and outline a new dress code policy and diplomatically explain why a dress code policy is now needed/desired. (Specialty stores are stores that focus on specific products like books, make-up, women’s or men’s clothing, office supplies, jewelry, etc. The type of specialty store you select will influence the dress code policy you create).


 1 full page

  • Must include the appropriate format (header and message).
  • Must use an appropriate style (Remember that memos are always personal).
  • Must include an introduction that identifies the subject, purpose, and point of the correspondence.
  • Must include a body that provides needs-to-know information.
  • Must utilize page design features (headings, bullets, lists, appropriate font type and size, etc.).
  • Must include a conclusion that thanks the readers, restates the main point, and looks to the future.


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