Before conducting your interview, please take 15 minutes to view this video to get thinking about the importance of cross-generational communication. (   D’Humieres, G. (2012, February 23). Retrieved March 1, 2018, from

Conduct an interview about someone from an older generation. Questions can be found in the document attached below.  Interviews should be done with face-to-face communication, if possible, but can be conducted in person, by phone, or online. Note: It is a requirement for you to engage in dialogue for this assignment, do not just email the questions to someone and post their response. Plan for your interview to take some time and be sure to thank your interviewee for their time and help afterwards!

For this assignment, you will need to submit a word document containing the following:

  1. A typed list of the questions you asked (including any follow up questions) along with a brief summary of the response the interviewee provided – point form notes are fine.
  2. A synthesizing paragraph on the cultural similarities and differences between the interviewer/interviewee. (250 words)
  3. A reflective paragraph (250 words) that addresses the following questions:
    • How did you feel during the interview?
    • Was there anything you learned that made you feel particularly connected/disconnected from your interview subject?
    • If you had to take away one single point (advice or observation) from your interview, what would it be? Why is this meaningful to you?
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