Functional Communication Training Plan

Based on your observations in the field experience, create a 1,000-1,250-word functional communication training plan for the student you observed:

  1. Complete an Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence chart to formally assess the targeted communication-related behavior of the student observed in Clinical Field Experience A Create a table that clearly identifies, by column:
    1. Target Behavior
    2. Date/Time/Place of Behavior
    3. Antecedent to the Behavior
    4. Frequency/Duration/Latency
    5. Consequences of the Behavior
    6. Analyze the data from the ABC chart and identify an intervention goal/outcome.
    7. Design specific steps to be implemented that will change the behavior and improve the student’s ability to communicate. Identify the following:
    8. Prerequisite component skill deficits and actions reducing the demands of the task.
    9. An appropriate AAC device to support the needs of the student in improving communication and staying engaged.
    10. Strategies to manage situations and consequences.
    11. Any obstacles that may be encountered and ideas on how to overcome these obstacles.
    12. Any rewards and reinforcements, with supporting schedules.

Within your plan, include a rationale for your intervention goal/outcome as well as an explanation as to why assessment and data collection tools are vital when targeting communication skills and communication-related behaviors.

Support your plan and rationale with 1-3 scholarly resources.

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