Essay  You are given four scenarios. You will respond to one scenario. Each essay response must be a minimum of 8–10 pages in length and incorporate a Christian worldview. Essay responses are to be written in clear, concise language and a minimum of 3 additional sources beyond the course material (e.g., textbook, readings, and presentations) must be used. All sources must be cited in proper APA format.


Scenario 1:

Web Wayne joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) four months ago. Web Wayne was hired as a threat analyst for LAPD, with enthusiasm. After two years as a threat analyst, Web Wayne morale was at the lowest ebb.

Why is it so difficult to predict whether a new employee will be a highly motivated employee?

What factors can human resources managers use to influence employee motivation? Identify and discuss any other issue in the narrative.

Scenario 2:

In a recent national survey of law enforcement executives in more than 40 states, most of the law enforcement executives reported that the priority of law enforcement organizations to combat crime, cut costs, and improve officers’ performance. However, 15% of the law enforcement executives stated that their law enforcement department had major responsibility for improving officer’s performance. Your essay should address the following issues:

a. What are the reasons for the gaps between top law enforcement management priorities and the responsibility of the human resources department?

b. What are the consequences of the gaps?

c. What ways can the human resources department align itself to the law enforcement executives’ strategic goals?

d. How would the human resources department gain the top law enforcement management support for its program and goals?

Scenario 3:

You are the new human resources (HR) director for the DEF local law enforcement, ensuring public safety.  The citizens are not satisfied with the job performance of DEF. As the HR director, you found that employees report to duty. However, employees do not have a clear understanding of their duties, roles, and responsibilities. Technical reports are poorly written. Taskforce deadlines are not met.  You have decided to conduct findings into the job performance of DEF employees. DEF supervisors have consistently utilized the job description adopted 30 years ago.  The executive director wants to see a workforce that the public can trust. The executive director has hired you as the HR director. How can DEF gain public trust regarding employee job performance?

Scenario 4:

XYZ is an adult correctional facility which believes that employees are the most valuable asset of the organization. XYZ further believed that the quality and effectiveness of an organization is determined by the quality of the employees that are employed. XYX considered success as premised on finding the quality employees with the skills to successfully perform the tasks required to attain the company’s strategic goals. XYZ adult correctional facility has forty vacancies (ten case managers, ten IT workers, ten educational-GED instructors, and ten maintenance workers) to fill. As the human resources director, the warden of XYZ has approached you to prepare and make the recommendation to XYZ board on the best strategy to adopt for recruiting the forty employees.

Please ensure that you incorporate a Christian worldview into your response.

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