Draft Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Draft your Statement of Teaching Philosophy, or dust off the one you have used in the past. Look at the job description of an online instructor and what online programs are looking for in their faculty. Write your Teaching Philosophy with this information in mind. However, you will want to hit on the following topics:

  1. Your knowledge of and how you practice/intend to practice andragogy in your online classrooms. What does that look like for you? Here, you are showing that you understand the non-traditional, older milieu of the typical online classroom.
  2. Your approach to helping/guiding/and supporting at-risk or struggling students.
  3. Teaching-through-Feedback
  4. Importance of instructor presence
  5. How you engage distance learners in a collaborative community

These documents are typically about a page/page and a half, single-spaced, with a space between paragraphs.

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