critical analysis

After you carefully and thoroughly read the article, please 1) post your critical understanding and analysis of transgender communities’ current struggle to be accepted into the society, with a specific focus on the debate over transgender students’ use of school bathrooms, 2) post your view on this article; do you agree with the opinion expressed by this article? Please explain why you agree or disagree in detailed account, and 3) explain what you would do to make things better if you were the policy-maker?

You need to answer ALL the above three questions in your post.

Please note that this is a very controversial topic that is being intensely debated by people, groups, and communities across the United States. The LGBTQ activists support the transgender students’ use of regular bathrooms and see it as a respect to the free expression of gender identity, but other people express strong disagreement due to the concerns that non-transgender students might feel uncomfortable being around transgender individuals in a place like bathroom and it might provide sex offenders with opportunities to commit crimes. Some people even argue that it is not safe for the transgender students to use regular bathrooms because they might encounter verbal and physical assaults from other students. However, many transgender people consider it an “insult” to use a bathroom specifically designated as “transgender bathroom” because it shows society’s denial of their right to have the gender identity they want. They want tolerance and acceptance.

When you write your critical analysis of the above topic/issue, please make a clear and strong connection to the first two chapters, or even chapter 3 if you finish the reading for this week earlier. By “CONNECTION,” I mean you need to clearly write down how the book defines certain term (s) or idea (s), and then explain how it/they can be applied to your critical analysis of this topic/issue. Please do NOT directly quote or cite anything from the book. You need to use your own words to paraphrase those ideas or terms. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. I want to read how you understand them, NOT how book understands them.


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