Advertising Aimed at Children and Teens

What is the main appeal being used in this ad? (In my video lecture I talked briefly about emotional appeals; ads typically appeal to our emotions, or to our sense of logic, or to our ethical obligations)

Is this a product that could be or is being “gendered” and if so, how does the ad make it clear that this is intended for girls or for boys?

Is there any disclaimer (for example, “batteries not included”) in the ad, and if so, do you think a child might understand that disclaimer?

Do you see any evidence of racial or ethnic stereotyping?

What can you assume about how a child or teen would respond to this ad?


This should be a well formatted essay that has an introduction with thesis statement, an organized body offering evidence in support of your thesis, and a conclusion. You should cite your sources to the best of your ability using APA formatting. If you have any questions about how the essay should be organized, I’m happy to answer them.

Please include a link to or screen shot of the ad so that I can fully understand your analysis.

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