Week 1 Assignment

1. What challenges does computer crime cause for law enforcement organizations?

2. Why are private businesses reluctant to report computer crime to Law Enforcement?

3. Describe the challenges prosecutors have in dealing with computer crime.

4. Describe the profiles of employees and insiders who commit computer crimes.

How to Submit Your Answers:

Copy each of the above questions and paste it into a Microsoft Word document. Format the questions in bold, and your answer in regular. Separate each response with a double-space.


Writing Assignment Rubric


Barr-Writing Assignment Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Writing Assignment Rubric 100%: Distinguished/Outstanding 1. Response answers question in an informative and thorough manner. 2. Response is well organized, formatted and concise. 3. Response contains a pattern of good grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage. 4. Assignment is submitted prior the weekly deadline. 75%: Proficient 1. Response lacks some information or contains incorrect information. 2. Response organization is acceptable but formatting is poor and not concise. 3. There are a few errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation or word usage. 4. Assignment is submitted prior the weekly deadline. 25%: Basic/Below Expectations 1. Response lacks a significant amount of information. 2. Response lacks organization and formatting. 3. Response contains a significant number of grammatical errors, misspellings, punctuation or word usage errors. 4. Assignment is submitted prior to the weekly deadline.
0%: No response submitted.




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