Purpose of Assignment: This assignment examines the concept of cultural humility and requires the student to evaluate and respond to scenarios requiring humility.


Consider the following scenario:

As a Caucasian-American you have moved from a small rural American town in Wyoming to the city of Chicago. (You may also consider an alternate scenario where you are African- American, Hispanic- American, Asian- Asian etc. moving to an unfamiliar part of the country e.g. moving to a small rural town). Coming from a predominately white culture, you are unfamiliar with persons of color and different minority populations. You are now the minority. You find yourself being judgmental and critical of some of the cultural nuances, vernacular and mores. You now have to form new friendships with members of a culture with which you are not familiar.

In a 2-page paper discuss the following:

  • Define and discuss the concept of cultural humility.
  • Explain the role of cultural humility in this scenario.
  • Discuss what changes in thinking must occur for you to successfully mitigate the challenges outlined in the above scenario.


  • Use APA format including concise and clear grammar.
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