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Part 1. Identifying Action and Reaction forces.

Enter your response in the space below each question.

Write a reaction force statement for each situation below.

1. A boxer hits a punching bag to the right with his hand.

2. A hammer hits a nail downward.

3. A tennis racket hits a tennis ball to the left.

4. As you paddle a canoe, your paddle pushes the water backward.

Write both the Action and the Reaction Statement for this question

5. There are several action-reaction pairs demonstrated in the diagram below. Identify both the action force and the reaction force for at least two of the pairs. Be specific and include the direction of each force.

This is a picture of two teams playing tug-of-war



Part 2. Ranking. Rank the following situations as given in the problem.

6. Rank the three airplanes below from greatest upward speed to least upward speed.

This is a picture of the wind acting on three airplanes.


7. Rank the three parachutists below in terms of greatest downward speed to least downward speed. (Assume the parachutes are all the same size and that all three have reached terminal speed)

This is a picture of three people parachuting downward.

Part 3. Short Answer. Answer any three of the following questions in a brief paragraph of approximately five sentences.

1. Compare and contrast Newton’s first law and Newton’s second law.

2. Explain why the acceleration due to gravity does not depend on the mass of the object in freefall.

3. Explain why a feather reaches terminal speed quickly while a rock takes much longer to reach terminal speed.

4. Why does a rope climber have to pull down on the rope in order to move up?

5. Explain how a rocket moves through space using action-reaction pairs.

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