CIFAS6 Criminal


  1. A great many cases received in a forensic laboratory involve sexual offenses, making it necessary to examine exhibits for the presence of seminal stains. Describe the following ways seminal fluid is identified telling both the positives and negatives for each test:
    1. Visual Detection of Seminal Stains
    2. Acid Phosphatase
    3. Microscope Examination
    4. Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA and p30)
  2. The text provided ten items of physical evidence that must be gathered in cases of rape. Outline each of the items.
  3. Explain in detail the foundation for explosives and their ramifications of velocity, deflagration, and detonation (extremely rapid oxidation reaction accompanied by a violent disruptive effect, and intense high- speed shockwave).
  4. Read the Application and Critical Thinking section on page 395 and answer all of the questions.

Note: If you cannot locate the information on the page numbers provided, take some time to review other chapters assigned for this module or other pages. Sometimes, a different presentation of the textbook, or a different edition will influence the page numbers so be patient and look around. If you still cannot find the needed information, please send me and email so I can help you.

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