Corporate Finance: report

In 2020, The COVID‑19 pandemic is causing global economic disruption. CEO of your company is concerned about the financial health of the company. She asked your group to write a report on two issues:
Does the firm need to raise external capital to improve its financial condition? If it is required, how to raise it (debt or equity) and how much capital should the firm raise?
What should be the dividend policy in the short term?
The group assignment has a total weight of 30% on your overall grade.
Form a group of 1-5 (inclusive) students. Self sign-in a group with your group members on Canvas.
We will allocate a company to your group.
We will give feedback in week 12.
Your group will record a video of your presentation and submit the video on Canvas.
10 minutes presentation
All members have to participate. If one group member does not turn up for the presentation, this group member will forfeit all credit for the group assignment even if he or she has submitted the written report.
The following is a suggested structure of the report.
Executive summarySummarize the purpose of the report, recommendations, and their justifications.
Company and industry information
Company and industry overview
Identify two comparable firms and justify the choice
Capital requirement
What are the different kinds of financing that this company has used in the last 5 years (or since listing for a young firm)?
What capital decisions does your group recommend?
Payout policy
What is the company’s payout policy in the last 5 years (or since listing for a young firm)?
What payout decisions does your group recommend?

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