Project Memorandum

A separate project memo records your deep reflections on your learning experience. This memorandum will be written to a senior partner of WSU Consulting, who is interested in the work you have done on the project and the overall curriculum for meeting deliverables, teamwork and your career development. Your promotion to senior consultant depends on this!



  • Satisfy deliverables: record and reflect on your thoughts, insights and follow-up actions, as well as the development of measures taken to complete the project; meet customer deliverables.
  • Your professional status: In this project-based learning opportunity, record all the lessons learned from your studies. How does this help your career and future goals. Provide references for your interactions with senior management. Your project management skills. What soft skills (non-technical skills) do you need/lack? Will you see yourself as a consultant in the future? What skills did you acquire? Need to be strengthened? In-depth analysis of your own learning to promote self-development.


  • About 1500 words
  • Quality is important, not quantity
  • Speak to the audience in the memo
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